Deploying mobile AutoVu™ systems

To integrate LPR-equipped patrol vehicles into Security Center, you can deploy a mobile AutoVu™ system.

Before you begin

Perform the pre-configuration steps.

What you should know

Information about setting up a typical mobile AutoVu™ deployment is provided here. Your process might be different, depending on your specific installation requirements.
NOTE: Settings that are pre-configured during your installation are not listed in this task. For example, when you install Security Center, the LPR Manager root folder is automatically created on your computer at the location C:\Genetec\AutoVu\RootFolder.

To deploy a mobile AutoVu™ system:

  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal, and configure the Sharp for a mobile AutoVu™ system. For information about logging on to the Sharp Portal, see the Sharp Administrator Guide.
  2. Connect Genetec Patroller™ to Security Center so that Genetec Patroller™ is discovered by the LPR Manager.
  3. Connect mobile Sharp units to Genetec Patroller™ (see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide).
  4. Configure the LPR Manager server and database settings.
    NOTE: You can also add an additional server to act as secondary server for the LPR Manager to set up failover. For more information, see Setting up role failover.
  5. Create and configure hotlist entities.
  6. Configure Genetec Patroller™ (see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide).

After you finish

Configure the additional settings for your AutoVu™ mobile installation type: