Preparing to deploy mobile AutoVu™ systems

To make sure that your mobile AutoVu™ deployment goes smoothly, you must perform a series of pre-configuration steps.

Before deploying a mobile AutoVu™ system:

  1. Install the following Security Center software components:
    1. Install Security Center Server software on your main server.
    2. (Optional) Install Security Center Server software on expansion servers.
    3. Install Security Center Client software on at least one workstation.
      For more information about installing Security Center, see the Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  2. Install the mobile Sharp hardware (see the AutoVu™ City Deployment Guide or AutoVu™ University Deployment Guide).
  3. Install Genetec Patroller™ and related hotfixes (see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide).
  4. Upgrade AutoVu™ Genetec Patroller™ and Sharp units to the latest software and firmware (see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide and the Sharp Administrator Guide.
    NOTE: You can perform certain upgrades from Security Center Config Tool.