Mobile License Plate Inventory

Mobile License Plate Inventory (MLPI) is the Genetec Patroller™ software installation that is configured for collecting license plates and other vehicle information for creating and maintaining a license plate inventory for a large parking area or parking garage.

The inventory can be used to report the following:
License plate reads can be collected in three ways:

License plate inventory

The license plate inventory includes license plate reads of all vehicles parked in the parking facility. It is created from the license plate collection offload data from Genetec Patroller™ and the handheld computer approved by Genetec Inc. (if applicable). The inventory can be used to monitor vehicle activity of the parking facility for a specific time period. For example, a patrol vehicle might collect license plate reads early in the morning and then do another collection in the evening to see how many vehicles have left the facility. The Security Desk Inventory management task is used to create the inventory from the offload data, and the Security Desk Inventory Report task is used to query any changes to an inventory.

For more information, see the Inventory management and Inventory report topics in the Security Center User Guide.

How reads are reconciled

Most reads from the offload data of a license plate collection are automatically reconciled (validated and added) to the license plate inventory by Security Center. However, some of them may require manual reconciliation if a conflict is detected. For example, a vehicle may have the same license plate numbers as another vehicle, but be from a different state. If this is the case, the Security Desk Inventory Management task will display a dialog box asking you to reconcile the read (confirm the plate number and state of the vehicle).

For more information on the Inventory Management task, see the Security Center User Guide.