Modifying the occupancy of a parking zone

If the occupancy that is reported for a parking zone does not match the number of cars that are physically parked in the parking zone, you can correct the occupancy in the system using a manual action, a hot action, or an event trigger.

What you should know

The following example uses a manual action to modify the occupancy. You can also configure a hot action or an event trigger.

To modify the occupancy of a parking zone using a manual action:

  1. In the Security Desk notification tray, click Hot actions ().
  2. In the Hot actions dialog box, click Manual action.
  3. In the Configure an action dialog box, select Set parking zone occupancy from the list of actions.
  4. From the Parking zone drop-down list, select the parking zone you want to modify.
  5. Enter the Occupancy for the parking zone, indicating the current number of vehicles in the parking zone.
  6. Click OK.
    The manual action is triggered and the occupancy of the parking zone is set.