Mapping remote ADFS groups to Security Center

To accept remote ADFS groups as valid user groups in Security Center, you must create a Security Center user group for each of them.

Before you begin

All ADFS servers involved in the trust chain must be fully configured.

To map accepted remote ADFS groups to Security Center:

  1. Create a user group for each ADFS group you accept as Security Center user groups.
    The user groups must have the exact same name as defined in the remote Active Directories, followed by the remote ADFS domain name.

    For example, if the company XYZ domain has a user group called Operators, then the user group in Security Center must be named

  2. Apply the desired access rights and privileges to these user groups.

After you finish

Add the user groups mapped to remote ADFS groups to the list of Accepted user groups in your ADFS role.