Configuring secured areas

To set up an access control system with access rules and access control behavior, you must configure your areas as secured areas.

Before you begin

Create the areas that will represent your secured areas.

To configure a secured area:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. Select the area entity () you want to configure and click the Identity tab.
  3. Click Access control to turn the option ON, and then click Apply.

    Two new tabs, Properties and Advanced, appear and the associated icon is updated to show that this is now a secured area ().

  4. Click the Properties tab, and set the following:
    • Access rules: Click to hide description
      Define which cardholders are allowed to access (enter or exit) the area, and when by assigning access rules to the area. You can also assign cardholders or cardholder groups directly to the area, in which case, the cardholders are granted access all the time.
    • Doors: Click to hide description
      Link the doors that are used to enter and exit the area (perimeter doors) as well as the ones that are captive. Captive doors are necessary for the proper tracking of people counting and antipassback.
    NOTE: Access rules assigned to the area apply to all perimeter doors of the area. If each perimeter door must be governed by its own set of rules, configure the access rules on each door.
  5. Click the Advanced tab, and set the following:
    • Antipassback: Click to hide description
      Access restriction placed on a secured area that prevents the same cardholder from entering an area they have not yet exited, and vice versa.
    • Interlock: Click to hide description
      Logic that only allows one perimeter door to be open at a time.
    • First-person-in rule: Click to hide description
      Unlock schedule is not triggered or regular access is disabled until a supervisor is present in the area.
    • Visitor escort rule: Click to hide description
      Visitors must be accompanied by their designated host (cardholder) to enter the area.
    • Duress PIN: Click to hide description
      A cardholder who is being coerced to open a door can enter their PIN with the last digit raised by 1 to trigger a Security Desk event. Only works on doors with readers set to Card and PIN.
  6. Click Apply.