Backing up databases on a schedule

For extra protection for your data, you can configure database backups to be performed periodically.

To back up a role’s database on a schedule:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the System task, and click the Roles view.
  2. Select a role, and click the Resources tab.
  3. Click Backup/restore ().
  4. In the Backup/Restore dialog box, switch the Enable automatic backup option to ON.
  5. Select the day and time to perform the backup (every day or once a week).
    TIP: It is a good idea to stagger the backup operations if several different databases need to be backed up on the same machine.
  6. Specify how many backup files you want to keep.
    NOTE: The backup files you create manually are not counted in that number.
  7. Click OK > Apply .

The automatic backup starts at the next scheduled date and time.