Adding a claims provider trust for a third-party ADFS

To allow users from an external organization (Company XYZ) to connect to your Security Center system, your company's ADFS server must trust the claims provided by Company XYZ's ADFS server.

Before you begin

Make sure the administrator of Company XYZ has done the following:
NOTE: Security Center requires specific attributes as claims: Group and UPN (User Principal Name).

The following screeshot illustrates the relying party claim rule on the ADFS server at CompanyXYZ for

What you should know

This task is part of the deployment process for claims-based authentication using ADFS based on a sample scenario. The sample screen captures are taken from Windows Server 2016. If you are using a different version, your screens might look different.

Adding a claims provider trust to your company's ADFS server is outside the scope of this document. For information on these topics, see the documentation on ADFS from Microsoft.