Supported access control unit firmware upgrade paths

It is important to know which firmware versions can be upgraded directly to the latest releases, and which require more steps.

You can upgrade the following devices from Config Tool:
To upgrade HID EVO units from an earlier firmware version ( or for Edge EVO, and or for VertX EVO) to the recommended firmware version, specific upgrade paths must be followed:
  • HID Edge EVO: (EH400, EH400-K)

    Supported upgrade path: or → → any later version

  • HID Vertx EVO: (V1000, V2000)

    Supported upgrade path: or → → any later version

    CAUTION: Upgrading directly from the earlier firmware to the recommended firmware will cause irreparable damage to your unit. Moreover, you cannot downgrade the firmware after it has been upgraded to on Edge EVO or to on VertX EVO.

The system can upgrade up to ten units concurrently. If more than ten units are selected for upgrade, additional units are queued.

You cannot cancel an upgrade in progress. You can only cancel an upgrade if the unit's upgrade status in the Hardware inventory report is scheduled.

Doors assigned to the access control unit being upgraded do not function during a firmware or cumulative security rollup upgrade.