Supported HID firmware versions

We recommend a specific firmware version for each generation of HID controllers, old (Legacy) and new (EVO). Using earlier firmware versions might cause issues with your system.

Security Center works best when the HID controllers are running the recommended certified firmware versions.
Supported firmware Legacy controllers EVO controllers
Recommended certified firmware 3.8.01
Minimum supported firmware 3.5.x

1As of Security Center 5.8, HID units running firmware version or later in secure mode communicate with the Access Manager using TLS 1.2 encryption over TCP port 4433. HID units running an earlier firmware version or in regular mode communicate with the Access Manager using HID encryption.

For more information about port changes, see "Ports used by Synergis™ applications" in the Security Center Administrator Guide.

Previously supported firmware versions

To learn about issues with the previously supported firmware versions, see the Security Center Release Notes.

Upgrading HID EVO firmware

Specific upgrade paths must be followed to upgrade the following HID EVO units from the firmware versions indicated to the recommended firmware version:

  • Edge EVO: or
  • VertXEVO: or
For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading access control unit firmware and platform.