About the Privilege troubleshooter

The Privilege troubleshooter is a tool that helps you investigate the allocation of user privileges in your Security Center system.

What users can do in Security Center is controlled by a large number of privileges that can be defined per user, or inherited from user groups. The Privilege troubleshooter examines the allocation of privileges in your system, helping you to verify user permissions and fix issues.

You can use this tool to discover the following:

Opening the tool

You can open the Privilege troubleshooter from the Tools menu in Config Tool. Access is restricted to users with all of the following privileges:

The tool opens in a separate window that is divided into three views in which you can investigate entities, users, or privileges.

Entity view

The Entity view shows which users or groups have sufficient privileges to view, modify, add, or delete the selected entity. If the entity is in a specific partition, these users also have access to it.

User view

The User view shows the full allocation of privileges to a selected user or group.

TIP: Click Apply a custom filter () in the search bar to limit the list to permissions that are allowed, denied, or undefined.

Privilege view

The Privilege view shows which users or groups have been granted a selected privilege, have access to a selected entity, or both.

TIP: Click the Entity type filter icon in the Entity list to limit the list to entities of a specific type. You can also use Apply a custom filter () to perform an advanced search.