Viewing access control health events

You can view health events related to access control entities, using the Access control health history report.

What you should know

This report is similar to the Health history report, but the query only looks for events that cause warnings, and includes only access control entities. The access control entities that can produce warnings include access control units, doors, areas, elevators, and zones.

To search for access control health events:

  1. Open the Access control health history task.
  2. Set up the query filters for your report. Choose one or more of the following filters:
    • Event timestamp: Click to hide description
      Define the time range for the query. The range can be defined for a specific period or for global time units, such as the previous week or the previous month.
    • Source entity: Click to hide description
      Source entity of the event.
  3. Click Generate report.

    The access control health events are listed in the report pane.