Configuring and using a hot action to unlock multiple area perimeter doors

You can unlock all perimeter doors in an area simultaneously using a keyboard shortcut by configuring a hot action.

What you should know

Configuring a hot action to unlock the perimeter doors in an area maps the action to a function key. The hot action is then triggered by pressing Ctrl and the corresponding function key, or from the notification tray.

To unlock all the perimeter doors in an area with a hot action:

  1. In the notification tray, click Hot actions ().
  2. In the Hot actions dialog box, click Edit.
  3. Click Add ().
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the hot action.
  5. From the Action list, select Unlock area perimeter doors explicitly.
  6. From the Area list, select the area with the doors you want to unlock.
  7. Click Done.
    The action you created is listed with its associated function key.

After you finish

Confirm that the hot action you configured works by opening the area doors in one of two ways: