Starting macros

You can start and stop a macro from the System status task.

Before you begin

You need the Execute macros privilege to start or stop macros.

What you should know

A macro is a type of entity that encapsulates a C# program that adds custom functionalities to Security Center. For more information about creating and configuring macros in Config Tool, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.

To start a marco:

  1. From the home page, open the System status task.
  2. From the Monitor drop-down list, select Macros.

    The macros that are part of your system are listed in the report pane.

  3. Start a macro:
    • Select a macro in the report pane, and click Start ().
    • Click Start (), select a macro, and then click Start.
  4. To stop an executing macro, select the macro in the report pane, and then click Stop ().