Removing data from offload files

You can remove the data in an offload file from the LPR Manager database.

What you should know

Patrollers and handheld devices offload to an LPR Manager. The offloads are duplicated and stored in the LPR Managerdatabase. In the Inventory management task, the reads are associated with a parking facility, and they are marked as not yet part of an inventory.

If you delete an offload from the Offloads list, the reads are no longer linked to a parking facility. However, the data remains in the Security Center database as regular plate reads, and they can still be queried using the Reads task.

To remove data from an offload file:

  1. From the home page, open the Inventory managementtask
  2. In the Offloads section, select a Genetec Patroller™ from the list.
    If a handheld device is used, use the Genetec Patroller™ named XML Import.
  3. Under the Offloads section, click .