Preparing Bosch units to record video analytics events

Before you can search for video analytics events that were recorded on Bosch units using the Forensic search report, the units must be configured to record video locally, and the Bosch Video SDK must be installed on Security Desk workstations.

What you should know

For more information about installing or configuring Bosch video units, see your Bosch documentation.

To prepare a Bosch unit to record video analytics events:

  1. Install the Bosch video units on the network.
    The Bosch devices must support intelligent video analytics (IVA).
  2. On the unit web page, configure the unit to record locally on the device or on an iSCSCI network drive.
  3. On the unit web page, configure the Bosch IVA settings.
    For information about configuring video analytics for Bosch units, see the Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide.
    NOTE: Bosch video units that support IVA record video images and raw, unprocessed metadata. This means that the analytic configuration can be changed at any time and used for historical searches. For example, if you initially configure your analytics for the event “line crossed” and you later decide to change the analytic configuration for the event “loitering”, you can still search for the new analytic event.
  4. Install the Bosch Video SDK on all Security Desk workstations that use the Forensic search task.
    You can download the Bosch Video SDK installation package at
  5. Add your Bosch video units (IP cameras or video encoders) in Security Center.
    The Archiver must be connected to the device to send command and control signals to the video unit. However, since the unit records by itself, the Archiver only provides duplicate video recordings, and a perhaps a longer retention period for the archives. You can only search for video analytic events on video recordings that are stored on the camera. For information about adding video units in Security Center, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.

After you finish

Search for video analytics events stored on Bosch units.