Monitoring LPR events in map mode

You can use map mode in the Monitoring task to view all the LPR events on a map.

What you should know

In map mode, the canvas displays a road map. The map opens centered on the location you zoomed in to, the last time you switched to map mode. You can use your mouse to pan or zoom on the map.

NOTE: The map mode can only be used to display static LPR events. To show Genetec Patroller™ positions on a map, use the Patroller tracking task. To work with a general purpose map, display a map () in a tile, or use the Maps task.
The following symbols represent each LPR event type on the map:
  • Circle:
    Reads and hotlist hits.
  • Triangle:
    Permit reads and hits.
  • Diamond:
    Overtime reads and hits.

You can change the default colors of LPR events from hotlist, overtime rule, and permit restriction in Config Tool. For more information, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.

To monitor LPR events in Map mode:

  1. In the Monitoring task, click Switch to map mode ().

  2. To find an event on the map, double-click the event in the event list.

    The event location is displayed on the map and the event is circled.

  3. To view information about the event, click the event on the map.

    The Properties window opens. The event properties and commands shown in the Properties window are similar those available in tile mode.

  4. To keep the Properties window open, click Push pin ().