Finding out what changes were made to the system configuration

You can find out what configuration changes were made on the system, who made them, when, and on which entity settings (before and after values), using the Audit trails report.

What you should know

The Audit trails report is helpful if you see that the properties of an entity have changed and you must find out who made those changes and when (for example, if the recording mode of a camera has been modified). Also, if you requested an update for an entity (for example, the privileges for a user), you can check to see if the changes have been made from Config Tool.

To find out what changes are made to the system configuration:

  1. From the home page, open the Audit trails task.
  2. Set up the query filters for the report. Choose from one or more of the following filters:
    • Application: Click to hide description
      Which client application was used for the activity.
    • Entities: Click to hide description
      Select the entities you want to investigate. You can filter the entities by name and by type.
    • Modification time: Click to hide description
      Entities modified within the specified time range.
    • Modified by: Click to hide description
      User or role responsible for the entity modification.
  3. Click Generate report.

    The description of the changes (before and after values) to the selected entities, as well as who made those modifications and when, are listed in the report pane.