Creating digital zoom presets

When you zoom into a camera image in a tile, you can create digital zoom presets for areas of interest in the image.

What you should know

You can create as many presets as you want. Digital zoom presets are not supported on PTZ cameras.
NOTE: PTZ presets created in the current version might not be available in older versions of Security Desk.

To create a digital zoom preset:

  1. Apply a digital zoom method to an image displayed in a tile.
  2. In the camera widget, click Add ().
  3. In the Create preset dialog box, type a name for the digital zoom preset and then click Create.
    A preset is created for the current camera image position. You can now zoom to the preset by selecting it from the Digital zoom presets drop-down list in the camera widget.
  4. If you move the camera image, you can click Preset () to return to the preset position.
  5. In the Digital zoom presets section, click the drop-down arrow beside Preset () for the following additional preset options:
    • Save: Click to hide description
      Save the preset selected in the drop-down list, using the current PTZ position.
    • Delete: Click to hide description
      Delete the preset.
    • Add preset: Click to hide description
      Create a new digital zoom preset.