Controlling camera sequences

From any video-related task in Security Desk, you can control camera sequences that are displayed in the canvas.

What you should know

Camera sequences are groups of cameras that are saved as a single entity. They are represented in the area view by a camera icon with a clock overlay (). If a camera in a sequence goes offline, you do not see the entity state change to red (offline), but the video stream is not available.

When a camera sequence is displayed in a tile, all the cameras in the sequence are displayed in rotation. If you add additional camera sequences to the canvas, the camera rotation is synchronized.

NOTE: If there is a PTZ camera in the sequence and you start controlling the PTZ, the rotation stops. You can click Start cycling again once you are done controlling the PTZ.

To control a camera sequence:

  1. Display the camera sequence one of the following ways:
    • Find the camera sequence in the area view, and then double-click or drag it to a tile.
    • Drag the camera sequence from the report pane to a tile.
  2. In the tile toolbar, click .
  3. From the drop-down list of packed entities, do one of the following:
    • To pause the sequence and stay with the current camera, click Stop cycling.
    • To display all cameras simultaneously, click Unpack.
    • To force the sequence to display a specific stream, click the individual camera.