Standard dashboard widgets

A collection of standard widgets is included with Security Center.

The following widgets are available:

Name Widget Icon Description Required privileges

Displays static images in the following formats:
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png
  • .bmp

Displays text None

Displays any entity that can be shown in a Security Center tile1 None2
Web page

Displays web pages View web pages

Displays a selected report visually3 View charts4
Entity count

Counts the number of entities of the selected type None
Result count

Counts the number of results in a selected report2 None4
Top results

Displays the top results from a selected report3 None4

Displays Archiver role statistics Archiver statistics

Displays system availability statistics Health history

Counts the number and type of users connected to the system None
Hardware status

Displays the hardware status of selected devices None
Health events

Displays system health events Health history
Role status

Displays the status of selected roles View role properties
Security score

Displays your system security score5 View security widget

1 You can also add an entity to your dashboard from the Monitoring task by right-clicking the associated tile and selecting Add to dashboard.

2 Specific entities might require their own privileges.

3 Only reports saved as public tasks are supported. You can also add a report to your dashboard by selecting Add to dashboard in the associated reporting task in Security Desk.

4 Specific reports might require their own privileges.

5 For more information, see "How the Security score widget works" in the Security Center Administrator Guide.