Setting up mobile credential profiles

To assign mobile credentials to cardholders and visitors, you must first purchase the service of a mobile credential provider and configure the mobile credential profiles in your system.

Before you begin

Make sure you have purchased one or more services from a mobile credential provider.

What you should know

A mobile credential is a credential on a smartphone that uses Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to access secured areas. Mobile credentials are like card credentials. They follow standard credential formats such as Standard 26 bits and HID H10304 37 Bits.
NOTE: If HID Global is your mobile credential provider, you must purchase a service (identified by an part number) for each credential format you want to support, and specify how many credentials you intend to create, and what facility code you intend to use. For each service you purchase, you must configure a mobile credential profile in Security Center. HID Mobile Access Portal allows up to 10 mobile credentials per phone and up to 5 phones per cardholder.

To set up a mobile credential profile:

  1. Open the Access control task, and click the General settings view.
  2. Under the Mobile credential providers section, click Add an item ().
  3. In the Mobile credential provider editor dialog box, enter the following information:
    The following screen capture illustrates the fields you must enter if HID Global is your provider.

    • Name: Click to hide description
      Name used to identify this credential profile in Security Center. We suggest including the facility code and the card format in the name to help the operator select the correct profile, if more than one is defined in your system.
    • Description: Click to hide description
      Description of this profile.
    • Type: Click to hide description
      Identifies your mobile credential provider.
    • Organization ID: Click to hide description
      Numeric ID issued to your company by HID Global.
    • Client ID: Click to hide description
      Client ID associated to the system account you created on the HID Mobile Access Portal.
    • Password: Click to hide description
      Password you created for your system account on the HID Mobile Access Portal. Must be at least 8-character long, and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, and at least one numeric character and one symbol.
  4. Click Configure part number information to retrieve the part numbers you purchased from the Mobile credential portal.
  5. Select the Part number corresponding to your credential profile and complete the rest.

    • Part number: Click to hide description
      Part number identifying the service you purchased.
    • Card format: Click to hide description
      Card format corresponding to the selected part number.
    • Facility code: Click to hide description
      Facility code corresponding to the selected part number.
  6. Click OK, then click Apply.