Retrieving video recordings from units

To store video on your video units, and periodically transfer those recordings to Security Center, you must enable edge recording on the units and configure the cameras to transfer video to their main Archiver.

Before you begin

You must determine whether the video unit supports edge recording and archive transfer. To find out which edge devices are currently supported, contact Genetec™ Technical Assistance.

What you should know

You can configure the archives to be retrieved automatically when the unit connects to the Archiver.

You can continue to record video on the Archiver, even if the camera is configured for archive transfer. Cameras can only be added to one transfer group for retrieving video recordings from units.

Archive transfer from units to Archivers is helpful in the following scenarios:

To retrieve video archives from units:

  1. Enable edge recording on the video unit.
  2. Select which cameras will transfer video archives to the Archiver, and define the transfer settings. You can set transfers to occur upon connection, on a schedule, or manually.