Granting SQL Server permissions

For the Security Center Directory role to run, service users who are not Windows administrators (login name SYSADMIN) must be granted the View server state SQL Server permission.

What you should know

The minimum SQL Server server-level role supported by Security Center is dbcreator, and the mimimum SQL Server database-level role is db_owner. Therefore, you must make sure that members of the dbcreator role and members of the db_owner role have been granted the View server state SQL Server permission.

For more information about SQL Server roles and their capabilities, see your Microsoft documentation.

NOTE: The following procedure is for SQL Server 2014 Express. If you are using a different version of SQL Server, see your Microsoft documentation for information about granting permissions.

To grant SQL Server permissions:

In SQL Server Management Studio, do one of the following:

After you finish

For users that are granted the permission locally on the Security Center server, you must add them as users on the SQL Server.