Enabling double-badge activation

To enable double-badge activation on a door controlled by a Synergis™ unit, create a custom field named DoubleSwipe for door entities so that you can set cardholder groups that are authorized to perform double-badge actions.

Before you begin

To enable double-badge activation:

  1. Open the System task and click the General settings view.
  2. Click the Custom fields tab, and then click Add an item ().
  3. In the Add custom field dialog box, set the following values:
    • Entity type: Door
    • Data type: Entity
    • Name: DoubleSwipe
  4. (Optional) In the Layout section, enter a group name and a priority.
  5. In the Security section, add the user groups and users who are authorized to edit this custom field.
  6. Click Save and close.
  7. Click Apply.