Creating New Wanted attributes and categories

You can create customized license plate attributes and categories to appear in Genetec Patroller™. Patrol vehicle operators can select from these attributes when adding a New wanted license plate.

What you should know

To create New wanted attributes and categories:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, click LPR > General settings > Hotlist .
  2. Add New wanted attributes or New wanted categories as needed.
    In this example, we've added the Attribute: Vehicle make and the Category: VIP.

  3. Click Apply.

The new attribute and category are uploaded to Genetec Patroller™ the next time it is connected to Security Center.

When the operator adds a New wanted license plate, the new the Vehicle make field and the VIP category selection are available.

After you finish

Configure the New wanted attributes and categories in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool. For more information, see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide.