Creating hit accept and hit reject reasons for hotlist hits

When an operator chooses to accept or reject a license plate hit, in addition to the pre-defined reasons that the operator can choose from, you can also define custom hit accept or hit reject reasons that can be selected by the operator.

What you should know

  • Hit reject reasons: Click to hide description
    List of reasons for rejecting hotlist hits. These values also become available as Reject reason filter options for generating hit reports in Security Desk. Several categories are pre-configured for you when you install Security Center.
  • Hit accept reasons: Click to hide description
    A form that contains a list of questions that Genetec Patroller™ users must answer when they accept a hit. The information from the hit form can be queried in the Security Desk Hit report. There are no pre-configured categories.

To create a hit accept or hit reject reason:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, click LPR > General settings > Hotlist .
  2. Add Hit accept reasons or Hit reject reasons as needed.
  3. Click Apply.

The new hit accept and reject reasons are downloaded to Genetec Patroller™ the next time it is connected to Security Center.