Configuring privacy protection output stream settings

To control resource usage of privacy protection, you can customize the output stream settings.

What you should know

Changing output stream settings affects storage consumption and network bandwidth.

To configure privacy protection output stream settings:

  1. In the Privacy protection page of the camera, click Show output stream settings.
    The output stream settings are displayed.
  2. Configure the output stream settings as required:
    • Encoding: Click to hide description
      The codec that is used to encode the privacy-protected stream.
    • Maximum resolution: Click to hide description
      Sets the maximum resolution of the encoded stream.
    • Key frame interval: Click to hide description
      Sets the key frame interval, in seconds, between two key frames. Values range from 1 - 20 seconds.
    • Frame rate: Click to hide description
      Limits the maximum number of frames per second (fps). You can specify the frame rate in the range of 1 - 30 fps.
    • Bit rate: Click to hide description
      Set the target image quality or maximum bitrate depending on the setting selected in the Priority field. If the resolution or frame rate in the original stream is lower, then that lower value is used.
    • Priority: Click to hide description
      Select one of the following:
      • Image quality: Click to hide description
        Maintains the image quality at the expense of the bitrate.
      • Constant bit rate: Click to hide description
        Maintains the bitrate at the expense of image quality.
  3. Click Apply.