Configuring the Genetec Patroller™ entity in Security Center

From the LPR task, you can configure sound management, acknowledgment buffer settings, and a hit delay for the patrol vehicle.

Before you begin

Connect Genetec Patroller™ to Security Center.

What you should know

To configure the Genetec Patroller™ entity:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the LPR task, and click Roles and units.
  2. Under the LPR Manager, select the Genetec Patroller™ entity you want to configure, and click the Properties tab.
  3. Under File association, configure how hotlists and permits should be used.
    • Inherit from LPR Manager role: Click to hide description
      Genetec Patroller™ uses the hotlists and permit lists associated with its parent LPR Manager. This is the default setting.
    • Specific: Click to hide description
      Associate specific hotlists or permit lists with the Genetec Patroller™ unit rather than the LPR Manager. If you move the Genetec Patroller™ entity to another LPR Manager, the hotlist or permit list will follow.
  4. Under Sound management, configure Genetec Patroller™ to play a sound when reading a plate and/or generating a hit, and choose whether sounds should be played even when the application is minimized
    • Play sound on hit: Click to hide description
      Plays a sound when Genetec Patroller™ generates a hit.
    • Play sound on read: Click to hide description
      Plays a sound when Genetec Patroller™ reads a plate.
    • Play sounds even when minimized: Click to hide description
      Play sounds even if the Genetec Patroller™ window is minimized.
  5. Under Acknowledgment buffer, specify a buffer restriction that limits how many hits can remain unacknowledged (not accepted or rejected) before Genetec Patroller™ starts automatically rejecting all subsequent hits. You can also choose (by priority) which hotlists should comply with this restriction
    • Reject count: Click to hide description
      How many unacknowledged hits are allowed.
    • Reject priority: Click to hide description
      When you create a hotlist entity, you can specify a priority for that hotlist. This setting tells Genetec Patroller™ which hotlist(s) should comply with the buffer restriction.
  6. Under Hotlist and permit, specify the Duplicate hit delay that tells Genetec Patroller™ to disregard multiple hits on the same plate for the duration of the delay. For example, if you set a delay of 10 minutes, no matter how many times Genetec Patroller™ reads the same plate during those 10 minutes, it will generate only one hit.

The Genetec Patroller™ entity is configured in Security Center. The settings will be pushed to the Genetec Patroller™ running on the in-vehicle computer the next time it connects to Security Center.

After you finish

Configure Genetec Patroller™ using Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool (see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide).