Web-based SDK configuration tabs

You configure the settings of the Web-based SDK role from the Roles view of the System task in Security Center Config Tool.

Web-based SDK - Properties tab

Click the Properties tab to configure what the external developers need to know to use the web services.
  • Port + Base URI: Click to hide description
    These two parameters are used to determine the address of the web service.

    For example, with Port=4590 and Base URI=WebSdk, the web service address would be “http://<computer>:4590/WebSdk/”, where <computer> is the DNS name or public IP address of the server hosting the Web-based SDK role.

Web-based SDK - Resources tab

Click the Resources tab to configure the servers assigned to this role. The Web-based SDK role does not require a database.
  • Servers: Click to hide description
    Servers hosting this role.