Permit - Properties tab

This section lists the settings found in the Permit Properties tab, in the LPR task.

In the Properties tab, you can configure the parsing of the source permit data file.
  • Path: Click to hide description
    Path to the permit source text file that contains the permit data, such as license plate numbers and other related vehicle information. The source text file can be located on the LPR Manager computer’s local drive (for example, the C drive), or on a network drive that is accessible from the LPR Manager computer.
  • Use delimiters: Click to hide description
    Tells Security Center that the fields in the permit list file vary in length, and indicates the character used to separate each field in the file. By default, Use delimiters is set to On, and the delimiter specified is a semi-colon (;). If your permit list file is made up of fixed length fields, set Use delimiters to Off.
  • Visible in editor: Click to hide description
    Allow a user to edit the hotlist or permit list using the Hotlist and permit editor task.
  • Attributes: Click to hide description
    Tells Security Center the name and order of the fields (attributes) in the source text file.