Overview of the Map designer task

Use the Map designer task to create and edit maps that represent physical locations of your equipment to Security Desk users.

A map in Security Center is a two-dimensional diagram that helps you visualize the physical locations of your security equipment in a geographical area or a building space. The following figure shows the Map designer task editing a map named "Montreal" in an video monitoring system.

A Use the Map designer menu and toolbar to create, edit, and delete the maps in your system, as well as arrange the map objects on your map.
B Selection tool (): Click a map object to select it. You can also do the following:
  • Click and hold the map background to move it.
  • Zoom in to an area of the map by holding the Ctrl key, and then clicking and dragging.
  • Select multiple map objects with a rectangle, by holding the Alt key, and then clicking and dragging.
  • Select all the map objects of the same type that are in view, by holding the Alt key, and then clicking a map object.
C Draw vector objects:
  • Draw line:
    Click and drag to draw a single line segment to represent a wall.
  • Draw rectangle:
    Click and drag to draw a rectangle. Drag a handle to change its size. Note that you cannot change a rectangle into a different type of polygon.
  • Draw polygon:
    Click once for each endpoint, and click the first endpoint to close the polygon. Use Shift+click to add or remove a point between two points. Double-click a point to complete the polygon without closing it.
  • Draw ellipse:
    Click and drag to draw an ellipse. Drag a handle to change its size.
D Insert images and text:
  • Insert image:
    Opens a browser for you to select an image file, and click to place it on the map.
  • Insert text:
    Click to place a text box on the map. Double-click the text box to enter the text. Use the widgets to adjust the appearance of the text.
E Create map objects representing entities:
  • Area view:
    Click the area view to create map objects representing areas, intrusion detection areas, cameras, camera sequences, monitoring layouts, doors, LPR cameras, and zones.
  • Alarms:
    Click, select, and drag an alarm to the map.
  • Macros:
    Click, select, and drag a macro to the map.
  • I/Os:
    Click, select, and drag an input pin, output relay, or a unit to the map.
    NOTE: It is possible to select I/Os federated and local cameras.
F Use the widgets to configure the selected map object. When multiple map objects are selected, only the common widgets are displayed.
G Click and drag the FOV to position it on the map.