How credential card formats work with Active Directory in Security Center

If you decide to map the credential Card format property to an Active Directory attribute, that attribute must contain either a numeric value (for standard card formats) or the exact card format name (text).

The following list describes the standard card formats supported by Security Center, their numeric values, and the valid ranges for the facility code (also known as Company ID Code), card number (also known as Card ID Number), or other codes associateds with specific card types.

1 If HID H10302 37 Bits is the only card format referenced in your CSV file, it is preferable to bind the card number to the Security Center Card data field instead of the Card number field since the facility code is not required. Because a single value is stored in the Credential card data field, no separator character is needed.

IMPORTANT: For custom card formats, you must use the exact spelling used to create the custom card format.