Credential configuration tabs

This section lists the settings found in Credential configuration tabs, in the Access control task.

Credential - Properties tab

In the Properties tab, you can configure the credential information and status. Additional information might be found in the Custom fields tab.
  • Credential information: Click to hide description
    This section identifies the details of the credential itself. If the credential is an access control card, the format, facility code and card number will be shown.
    • Cardholder: Click to hide description
      Displays the cardholder this credential is associated with. The cardholder can be changed if required.
  • Status: Click to hide description
    Shows whether the credential status is active or Inactive/Lost/Stolen/Expired.
  • Activation: Click to hide description
    Displays the date and time when the credential was attributed to this state.
  • Expiration: Click to hide description
    Set an expiration for the credential:
    • Never:
      The credential never expires.
    • Specific date:
      The credential expires on a specific date and time.
    • Set expiration on first use:
      The credential expires after a specified number of days after the first use.
    • When not used:
      The credential expires when it has not been used for a specified number of days.

Credential - Badge template tab

In the Badge template tab, you can define the default badge template associated to this credential. You can preview what the credential will look like when printed using any specific badge template. You can also print the card credential.