Auxiliary Archiver - Camera recording tab

You can use the Camera recording page to configure the default recording settings applied to all cameras associated to the Auxiliary Archiver role. Recording settings defined on the Recording page of individual cameras supersede the settings defined on the Camera recording page of the Auxiliary Archiver.

Click the Camera recording tab to view or configure the following settings:
  • Video stream: Click to hide description
    Select the default video stream that the Auxiliary Archiver should record for each camera. The video streams are configured for each individual camera.
  • Recording modes: Click to hide description
    Apply different recording modes on different schedules.
    • Continuous: Click to hide description
      Records continuously. Recording cannot be stopped by the user ().
    • Manual: Click to hide description
      Records when triggered manually by a user. In this mode, the Record button in Security Desk appears in one of the following ways:
      • Grey () when the Auxiliary Archiver is not recording
      • Red () when the Auxiliary Archiver is recording
    • Custom: Click to hide description
      Recording is specified by a custom schedule.
      CAUTION: Recording schedules of the same type (for example, two daily schedules) cannot overlap, regardless of the recording mode configured for each. When a scheduling conflict occurs, the Archiver and the video units are displayed in yellow in the entity browser and they issue entity warning messages.
    • Off: Click to hide description
      Recording is off (), even when an alarm is triggered.