Wildcard hotlists

Wildcard hotlists contain entries with only partial license plate numbers. They can be used in situations where witnesses did not see or cannot remember the complete license plate number. This allows the officer to potentially intercept wanted vehicles that may not have been detected using standard hotlists.

A wildcard hotlist includes entries that have either one or two asterisks (*) in the license plate number field. The asterisks are the wildcards you use when you don’t know the character. Only the plate number field accepts wildcard characters. If the asterisk is found in any other field (for example, state or province), it is considered as a normal character.

Note the following about wildcard hotlists:
  • Do not use more than one wildcard hotlist per Genetec Patroller™.
  • Use only one wildcard hotlist per LPR Manager.
  • Limit the number of wildcard entries in a hotlist to 100 plates.