Recommendations for improving parking zone occupancy metrics

To ensure that AutoVu™ Free-Flow parking zone occupancy metrics are accurate, you can create alerts to notify parking zone operators when a license plate read must be edited. You can also automate the parking zone inventory reset.

When using AutoVu™ Free-Flow, we recommend that you configure the following actions:

Configure event-to-actions for low confidence scores and NOPLATE reads

To ensure that the parking zone's occupancy is accurate, it is important that operators edit all NOPLATE plate reads (if enabled on the Sharp) and plate reads that have a low confidence score. It is recommended that you configure event-to-actions to notify operators when a plate read must be edited.

Configure a scheduled task to reset the parking zone inventory

At a certain point during the day (for example, when the parking lot closes), you can assume that all parking sessions have ended and that any vehicles remaining in the parking zone have been issued tickets or must be towed. You can reset the parking zone inventory by creating a scheduled task with the Action: Reset parking zone inventory.