Access troubleshooter tool

The Access troubleshooter tool allows you to test and troubleshoot your access control system after it is set up, such as your access rules, and door and elevator configurations.

If you have a large system, you might have multiple schedules (Office hours/Office closed/Holidays/Weekends/Special events), multiple areas and sub-areas, multiple cardholder groups, and so on. As you build your system, and continue to create entities, the basic access logic applied at a door can become more difficult to determine.

You can use the Access troubleshooter to find out the following:

The Access troubleshooter is most accurate when examining an event that just occurred. When using the troubleshooter to investigate a past event (for example, an access denied event), keep in mind that your settings might have changed since that event occurred. The troubleshooter does not take past settings into consideration. It only evaluates a situation based on the current settings.